Here is a look at some of my original designs. Read the story about who inspired each piece! xoxo Ari 

  • The Rachael Tee

    I am soooo excited to share my new fave tee! I am still obsessed with flip, especially as a heart and star! I love the raw neck of this tee making it feel so edgy and playful at the same time. The Rachael Tee is named after Rachael Russell. She is the mastermind and founder of the amazing Style S... View More
  • The Robyn Maxi

    I am so excited to officially share The Robyn Maxi! This is the very first piece of clothing I ever made. I was just 6 years old when I designed and sewed this maxi. And, from then on I was in love with sewing. I love the bright colors and flowing but straight fit. The material is super comfy, so... View More
  • The Mia Mini & The Layana Cape

    Silver lame with hints of black this mini is ready to P A R T Y in. I love the shine!! It’s reversible too! Can’t wait to dance in The Miami Mini at every party! The Miami Mini is for The (Shine in) me!   I am so honored and proud to introduce The Layana Cape made in honor of designer and Proj... View More
  • The Talita Wrap

    Introducing one of my most dreamy new Theme dresses for Spring! I had a very special meeting yesterday with a leader in the fashion industry. She gave me the most amazing advice, encouragement and most importantly told me to be true to me. I made this iconic wrap dress in her honor. It is an icon... View More
  • The Singer Mini

    I am super excited to share The Singer Mini with you. I love this shade of pinkish purple. And, I absolutely adore the double layer peaking out with a flowing hem. I am a big fan of  the stars too. I always think stars are good luck! The Singer Mini is so playful and fun. It is like made to twirl... View More
  • The Ellen Blazer

    I am so proud of The Ellen Blazer. I spent a lot of time on design, detail and finishes. I am absolutely obsessed with the way the back of The Ellen Blazer flares out. The elbow patches and deep hunter pockets are so cool. The inside is lined in a surprise lime green. This Blazer is perfect for F... View More
  • The Fan Dress

    Introducing the Fan Dress. Inspired by my beautiful and talented Great Grandma Fan who was also a dress maker. She was the classiest. I was told she wore a stunning dress every day. And, she actually didn't even own a pair of pants. I love to wear dresses too. This was my first piece that made me... View More
  • The Noa Hoodie

    Introducing the Noa Hoodie. Flipping star and heart patches on each of the elbows, with deep pockets to hide cool stuff and a cozy flipping hood. I flipped out last year when I learned I was going to be a big sister again. I always begged my mom for another baby. I flip for my little sister Noa. ... View More