Here is a look at some of my original designs. Read the story about who inspired each piece! xoxo Ari 

  • The Michelle Blouse

    Ok, so this is one of my absolutely favorite blouses ever. It is soooo special and totally beautiful. The lavender silk is dreamy and i love the way the arms puff and flow. I am obsessed with the trim too! I am proud and honored to introduce The Michelle Blouse. It is  named after my amazing sewi... View More
  • The Alyssa Pullover

    This is The Alyssa Pullover.  I am so in love with Alyssa Waska the founder, designer and CEO of Donni. This piece is inspired by her. She is always there for me and gives me the best advice about following my dreams! She just made the Forbes 30 under 30 and it the definition of a true girl boss... View More
  • The Nan Shirt

    Introducing the Nan Shirt. I absolutely love this shirt for any season, especially fall. Black and white gingham, raw hem, and exposed hunter green zipper... this is my go to shirt. I love the box, cropped fit. I wear it with jeans, skirts, layered or by itself. My Nana is an amazing artist and i... View More
  • The Rebecca Dress

    I am so proud to introduce my most romantic, gorgeous, Spring dress ever!!! I had so much fun designing and sewing this piece! The Rebecca Dress is named after the amazing Rebecca Minkoff.  The long flowing silk skirt covered in Spring Flowers also has a touch of gold shimmer. It is absolutely b... View More
  • The Rachel Dress

    I am beyond excited to introduce The Rachel Dress, named for Rachel Blumenthal. I made this dress with beautiful white lace and lined it in white satin. Then I finished it with a pop of rockstar dark purple around the waist. Its actually two pieces..surprise! So you can mix it into your style in ... View More
  • The Cate Bomber

    I had the most amazing experience. I was recently invited to meet with Cate Luzio the founder of Luminary to share my collection with her.  She gave the best advice and welcomed me into their amazing entrepreneur female community. I am so honored! I am proud to share The Cate Bomber, named after... View More
  • The Rachael Tee

    I am soooo excited to share my new fave tee! I am still obsessed with flip, especially as a heart and star! I love the raw neck of this tee making it feel so edgy and playful at the same time. The Rachael Tee is named after Rachael Russell. She is the mastermind and founder of the amazing Style S... View More
  • The Robyn Maxi

    I am so excited to officially share The Robyn Maxi! This is the very first piece of clothing I ever made. I was just 6 years old when I designed and sewed this maxi. And, from then on I was in love with sewing. I love the bright colors and flowing but straight fit. The material is super comfy, so... View More