The Cuz Dress

Introducing the Cuz Dress. I have SO MANY COUSINS.  Some are real and some are what I call framily. That stands for friends that are so close they are like family! My cousins are beautiful. They live all over the world. From London to Miami, LA, New York, Mexico and Washington DC. We are always together for big PARTIES and family vacations. I made the Cuz dress for a cousin party in Miami. My cousins and I danced the ENTIRE night. Literally. It was the best night ever. I love to dance and I love to wear Theme. The Cuz Dress is one of my absolute favorite pieces in my collection. The top is a ribbed soft jersey cotton with an exposed zipped back. The sleeves and skirt are made with shimmery tulle. And, because I LOVE HOT PINK, I always add a pop of it to my pieces when I can. So the waist is wrapped with a hot pink. This is the ultimate PARTY dress. I can't wait for the next big event.

The Cuz Dress is ​for The (party in) me.


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